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Creating a simple method for non-tech savvy individuals in digital marketing.


Stacey Kehoe, Founder of Digital Marketing Agency, Brandlective Communications Ltd.


Stacey challenged traditional marketing strategies full of tech-terminology and jargon to create a simple method for non-tech savvy individuals to create a digital marketing pipeline that works.


She created a framework called The Gamechanger Method.  It is available in her book, Get Online: The 6 simple steps to building a digital marketing pipeline for the non-tech savvy:

  • Connect: Define your ideal prospect. Who do you want to attract? What do you want to accomplish?
  • Create: Determine your offer. How will you attract your audience? Do they respond best to written, visual, or audible content?
  • Captivate: Identify your channel. Which media channels will you use to promote this offer? How will you entice them?
  • Capture: Create your landing page. Will you offer a ‘wow factor’? How will you get the prospect to take action?
  • Converse: Nurture the lead. How will you help prospects with their buying journey? Should email marketing or social media marketing be used?
  • Convert: Make the sale. How will you measure success? How will conversion be tracked and reported?

And also available as an online scorecard


 Brandlective was founded in Feb 2012 and this method was launched in 2018 following six years of research inside the agency.

WHY  :

This framework removes the smoke and mirrors created by many digital agencies. Digital marketing should be simple, Stacey has created a method that is completely transparent and easy to understand.


INDUSTRY:  Marketing