Slurp Your Drink with A Grass Straw

Save the Environment

Save the Environment: Slurp Your Drink with A Grass Straw

The plastic crisis is among the greatest obstacles the Earth faces. The most severe plastic item to deal with is plastic straws; it ought to be completely eliminated. While going straw-free is the most environment-friendly alternative, many individuals depend on straws or prefer them for a range of factors.

While paper straws have seen a rise in appeal recently, lots of people have actually slammed them for their absence of toughness--they get soggy rapidly. Metal straws have actually been popular too, they are recyclable and have the ease of being washable, but it is prone to germ collection if not properly cleaned--not for the lazy bone.

Grass Straws would be the most reasonable alternative; it is durable and environment-friendly at the same time.

The plastic crisis

The mounting plastic crisis is being taken care of with the reactive waves of worldwide bans on single-use plastic bags and straws in lots of countries especially at grocery stores and restaurants. eight million tons of plastic disposed into the ocean yearly, with straws making up four percent of plastic garbage.

By 2025, the predicted share of global mishandled plastic waste puts the ASEAN area as the leading perpetrator, with Indonesia contributing to at least 10 percent of the global overall. This forecast can be avoided considering that the ASEAN region is now more conscious of the plastic crisis. Malaysia has actually released an irreversible ban on the import of plastic waste, while Vietnam and Thailand have actually banned the issuance of licenses for the import of plastic waste.

The need for straws

There are arguments that the use of plastic straws should not be entirely banned. There are lots of people who depend on straws for a range of reasons, leaving them the option of utilizing alternatives like recyclable or biodegradable straw.

At medical facilities, patients who cannot take in liquids use plastic straws as a drinking tube. The innovation of straws enables people with specials needs the liberty of doing things by themselves. Unfortunate for them, there are still no practical options that work for people with specials needs. The problem with eco-friendly straws is they are unbendable, so they could not be position per the need of the user.

Able-bodied individuals, on the other hand, do not have a valid reason not to utilize reusable straws. A replacement is required and lots have actually stepped up to offer options for this growing need. There are now metal, bamboo, glass, silicone, acrylic, paper, and even pasta straws. Actually, sustainable materials have long been used to make straws but a current ingenious service from a young Vietnamese business owner is making waves.

The rise of grass straws

Tran Minh Tien from Vietnam has discovered a zero-waste straw, made from grey sedge grass of the types Lepironia Articulata. Locally called "co bang", the yard grows around the Mekong Delta region in south-western Vietnam. The sedge has a hollow stem, making it best for use as natural straws. Tran set up his business, Ong Hut Co, with the intention of securing the environment by decreasing the use of plastic straws.

The fresh grass straws can be utilized after it is cleaned and slide into lengths of about 20 centimetre. The hollow stem is cleaned with an iron rod.

Fresh straw

The women of Duc Color, at Long An province, are the ones who hand-crafted the straws. They collect the grass, washed it, and cut into straw-sized tubes. They boil the straws with some salt, dry, and then save in a cool dry location.

Dry Straw

The straws are left under the sun for two to three days and then bake them in an oven. This version can be saved at room temperature for up to six months; the unbaked ones last only for 2 weeks. Storing in a ziplock prolongs the lifespan of the straws. Both kinds of chemicals and preservatives, and affordable. Some also say chewing them after meals can actually help clean your teeth and gums.


The company, Ong Hut Co, offers them in bundles of 100 with one dry straw costing 1,000 Vietnamese dongs ($0.043), and one fresh straw costing 600 Vietnamese dongs ($0.026). At the moment, the straws are only being sold in Vietnam, but Ống Hút Cỏ is exploring selling the dry straws to other countries. With that, you can use PayPal to when you order online.

The grass straws are grown, not made from plastic, and are the greener method to slurp your healthy smoothie. In some cases the most sustainable method forward is backward, and considering The Kickstarter campaign for Straw Straws looks for to raise $12,500 by July 7th to totally launch the item, and backers can be the first to receive a plan of these biodegradable drinking straws with a pledge of $25 or more, and you can buy them online using Paypal.


Individuals are now more mindful of the environment and are selecting eco-friendly straws and paper bags as options when shopping or consuming out. The intro of grass straws into the bigger market is not just helpful for Vietnam's economy, it is likewise terrific for the environment.

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