Software to help clients reduce CO2

YAROOMS takes the next natural step in workplace management software
“YAROOMS – the workplace experience software helping organizations become carbon neutral”

Companies with net-zero CO2 goals have an easier mission starting today, thanks to YAROOMS' new workplace emissions tracking features and carbon dashboard.

YAROOMS is the workplace experience software company on a mission to help organizations become carbon neutral. Started in 2010 as a meeting room booking system, the company has since grown into the top-tier workplace experience solution many organizations around the world use today to return to safe, future-proof, and happy workplaces: from simple desk booking to fully hybrid workflows.

"As a global workplace experience platform, we have always focused on solving workplace challenges with innovative solutions. Our unique approach helped hundreds of organizations adopt hybrid work during the pandemic, so it's only natural to continue innovating to support the long-term sustainability goals of our clients.
Tracking work-related carbon emissions is the first step in what is going to be a new class of workplace software-one that puts goals first and empowers employees to contribute actively to them," Dragoș Badea, CEO YAROOMS.

Today, the carbon tracking features the company has been working on are fully integrated in the YAROOMS platform. Now, workplace leaders can seamlessly and accurately track their CO2 emissions as they plan their work-be it remote or at the office.
Organizations and office managers have access to a real-time carbon dashboard that integrates with building management systems or that can estimate based on energy bills. This makes it easy to monitor and report each location's CO2 Scope 2 emissions - generated using office facilities, as well as the company's Scope 3 emissions - generated by employee commutes and working from home.
Clients can then use the carbon dashboard to estimate the future use of each office resource (such as water, electricity, or gas), understand their carbon footprint, and track their progress in reducing it.

The product update also includes an AI Autopilot feature that can allocate office space in the most efficient way to minimize energy consumption and increase employee satisfaction.

YAROOMS delivers top-tier workplace experience solutions to organizations in over 50 countries, with a focus on markets like the USA, Canada, the UK, Italy. Clients include financial institutions, government authorities or educational institutions such as Columbia University, Dedalus, National Health Service, AAA, Dr. Martens and Cerved.