Steps to Live a Hilarious Life

and It Doesn't Cost a Penny

Living a hilarious life or rather being happy is often hard simply because our brains were wired for survival only. This means that your brain is more focused about your protection than your overall happiness.

First, it’s important to note that true wealth doesn’t come from money. True happiness is widely invaluable and money can’t buy it. Lucky for you, we’ve done all the heavy lifting and you don’t have to scour through books and articles looking for ways to help you live a hilarious life.

Here are five simple steps to help bring more happiness to your life.

Nurture a positive attitude

Given the times, that we are currently living in, many might be skeptical about the feasibility of this method. No matter how negative your surrounding environment might be, it’s incredibly important that you maintain a positive attitude for more happiness in your life.

To help you get through terrible and hard times, consider chanting positive mantras that will help you focus you brain on positive things in life and leave out the negative ones. Experts recommend repeating this cycle for at least three times for up to 45 days before your brain automatically adjusts to it.

Celebrate all your wins

Life is full of challenges but in-between there are so many personal victories that normally go unnoticed. Consider keeping a close eye on your to do list and noting down the small wins that might seem obvious.

Celebrating and taking pleasure in these victories builds on our overall happiness. So, start by noting every win be it achieving your daily word count or writing that first book.

Balance your work-life

There is more to life than just work. It’s extremely important that you understand this because it’s the first step in balancing your life well.

Begin by limiting work tasks during office hours and leave the rest for your family as well as that hobby you’ve been neglecting for a long time now. Consider doing personal exercises too as a way of venting out work-related stresses and revamping the quality of your life in the long run. You might be surprised at how much fun you’ve been missing before finding this balance.

Meditate more

Meditation often helps us become more mindful about our lives and situations. Think of it as a way of becoming more aware about our lives and challenges at hand. Apart from giving you peace of mind, this practice will help you see the different challenges that you’re dealing with for what they are. In essence, meditating more enables you to accept your situation and helps you to move on without regrets.

Explore your creativity

Actively participating in creative activities is proven to make you happier. Consider engaging in things like writing, painting, acting, musical performance, or drawing to increase your enthusiasm and chances of having long-term happiness.

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