Purchase products from any image

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Ksenia Shirokova, COO Sarafan Technology Inc


We created a software system enabling users to save and purchase products from any images and videos published in the world wide web – Sarafan Wishlist. Sarafan enables users to compare prices of different vendors and search for similar products with a variety of purchasing options, track price change and explore new special offers. There is no need to uninstall some App to use Sarafan Wishlist. Our service is installed on a publisher's website with the content. We’re currently working with 122 publishers which include some big industry names, such as Glamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Playboy in Russia, as well as Hello and Myself.de in Germany. 80 million readers use Sarafan service.


Sarafan Wishlist is based on the Sarafan.AI engine. With the help of Computer vision, Sarafan.AI recognizes products in photos and videos and creates shop-now functionality on a website where this content is published


We began the development of our technology in 2016


I bet you know this feeling when you fall in love with an elegant dress or a cozy sofa from an article or film. You want to buy it, you can even save the picture of it in Pinterest, but you don`t know where you can buy it. Sarafan. AI can find this product for you and help you to purchase it for an affordable price. Sarafan.AI unites advertisers and publishers to create a brand new shopping service for users. We’ve developed a pro-user functionality where if you like something, click it and buy it. Sarafan.AI works on any computer, Smartphone and can even be integrated on to Smart TV. The engine possesses the highest quality of video recognition on the market



SOCIAL MEDIA: https://www.linkedin.com/in/kshirokova/