Talent Land

The innovation event that drives the solutions of the future.

From April 22 to 26, 2019 it  took place, Talent Land,  the event that brings together the talent that is giving the maximum to find the right solutions to the current problems. Talent Land changes the world with talent in the maximum meeting that brings together those who give life to innovation with those who drive the solutions of the future.

Talent Land 2019  in numbers:

  • 7 thematic lands: Agro land, business land, blockchain land, creative land, developer land, iron land, and gamer land.
  • 1700 hours of content.
  • 5,365 participants in challenges and Hackathon.
  • 9,800 labor connections
  • 1 Guinness World Record.
  • The average age of those attending this edition was 24 years.
  • The quota in 62% corresponds to the male gender and 38% to the female gender.
  • 18 participating countries: USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, Spain, Costa Rica, France, Portugal, Holland, Germany, Italy and Puerto Rico.
  • 1,200 competitors.
  • 900 robots and drones.
  • 150 hours of content in Maker workshops.
  • 1 Maker Fair with various projects on display.
  • A prize pool of more than 2,000,000  mexican pesos for challenges, competitions and hackathons

The Government of Jalisco, in partnership with IBM, developed the largest software class in history with a focus on artificial intelligence within the cloud ecosystem. During the record, 775 attendees learned how to program using the IBM Watson skills.IBM Watson is an artificial intelligence assistant that allows you to create scalable, interactive experiences that create a connection with the client in any type of business.

Talend Land had very interesting conferences about different subjects related to each one of the 7 lands, for example, Virtual reality, Augmented and Mixed, Artificial Intelligence and how it will be much more disruptive and exciting to our lives, than the personal computer, robots for Humanity: The Story of Carbon, HoverGames Drone in the IoT Cloud - A business-friendly, open source drone reference solution for Mobile-IoT,  building Infrastructure for Self-Driving Cars, Baxter Digital Health Mission: “Save & Sustain Lives”, How Blockchain is Impacting the Retail, disrupt the heritage of Fashion to the market, Technology, the key to innovation in the Fashion Industry among others.

Jalisco Talent Land closes its 2019 edition with more than 60,000 participants and confirms Richard Branson for the 2020 edition. The next Talent Land will take place from April 13 to 17, 2020 at Expo Guadalajara, Mexico.

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