The Launch of Welum ONLINE

Welcome from our Editor-in-Chief

Creativity knows neither boundaries nor borders. Today the creation of a dress can be considered art, and an artist can be evaluated on the same trend-o-meter as a fashion designer. Art, music, fashion—creative disciplines have merged into one multi-faceted metier that talents use as an arena for their creations.

Designers, performance artists, and musicians alike produce multi-sensorial experiences for the audience where costumes, sounds and perfectly timed steps invite the beholder into the universe of the talent.

It is this creative void, where talent has no title and where rules are not allowed, that we call WELUM.

A great talent in one country may not be known at all outside of their own sphere. As most informational streams today have been filtered for commercial relevance, it is rare that a young Japanese student is exposed to an artist in Africa whose works are unavailable in Japan. It is WELUM’s goal for that Japanese student to easily be able to find information on talents around the globe—talents excelling in their own field of interest and fields that might be of interest to them.

With Editors and Writers across the globe, WELUM has the possibility of shortening creative distances with the humble hope to broaden a few horizons along the way.

It is easy to forget that not all talents migrate to the big city. Some of them stay where they are, making them a bit more difficult to find, though no less interesting. It is our mission to find them!

With this book we offer the best visuals from a selection of the articles accompanied by an edited version of the article. The article in its entirety can be enjoyed in the back of the book.

Pily Ottesen

Editor-in-Chief, Welum