The best insect bite relief product

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The best insect bite relief product on the market


Kelley Higney, Founder of Bug Bite Thing.

WHAT did you do?

My young daughter and I were constantly suffering from mosquito bites and none of the post-bite treatments available on the U.S. market were effective for us. Frustrated, I started researching how other countries combat insect bites. I discovered a little-known tool that uses suction to remove insect saliva/venom from bug bites and stings, rather than having to apply creams or harsh chemicals. I knew that I had to make it readily available to everyone who suffers, so that they could receive the same life-changing relief that I had. I branded the product as Bug Bite Thing and  introduced it to the consumer market.

HOW did you do it?  

I started my business locally and then partnered with my mother, Ellen McAlister. We trademarked the name and logo for the product, Bug Bite Thing, and partnered with the manufacturer in Denmark to secure exclusive distribution rights in the U.S. We started small and operated the business out of my garage. I utilized my community’s resources. I reached out to our local Chamber of Commerce, local news stations and even other local female entrepreneurs. I had members of the community test Bug Bite Thing and provide feedback. We watched the demand for Bug Bite Thing start to grow quickly.

Bug Bite Thing caught the attention of the producers of ABC's 'Shark Tank.' My mother and I were then invited to pitch our company to the Sharks and hopefully secure an investment. We received offers from all of the Sharks and accepted an offer from Lori Greiner. This provided the funding we needed to continue to grow the business. Overnight, we went from being a local business to having global recognition.

WHEN did you start your company?


WHY are you innovating with this product or service?

The Bug Bite Thing tool is unlike any other insect bite relief product on the market. Unlike topical creams and ointments which may contain harsh chemicals and only mask the itch, Bug Bite Thing removes the irritant at its source, by simply using suction. The product is safe to use for people of all ages - including children, it is reusable, and chemical-free.

WHERE are you from? or where do you live now?

I am from the U.S. I grew up in Southern California and I now live in South Florida.


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Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter: @bugbitething