The Liza Colby Sound

Return of Rock and Roll
Liza Colby Sound, rocking it out in New York City

It was a basement music venue in the East Village of NYC and I weaved my way around the packed room so I could catch a glimpse of the raucous front woman. The Liza Colby Sound (LCS) mixes classic hard rock and roll with psychedelic influenced arena style riffs.  The entire room was bouncing their heads to the beats while Liza Colby mesmerized the audience with her wigged out dance moves, kicks, twirls and spins that reminded me of a modern day Tina Turner.

The Liza Colby Sound quartet features seasoned musicians welding decades of experience, including Jay Shepard on guitar, Alec Morton on bass, and Charly Roth on drums. Powerhouse Liza Colby soulful vocals creates a seductive, shamanistic twist on the classic rock n’ roll sound.

Their first full-length album Object To Impossible Destination finds The Liza Colby Sound on a fresh odyssey.  In the words of frontwoman Liza Colby, “Object to Impossible Destination: 8 songs, 8 stops ona heavy trip through a rock and roll fever dream, extra headroom. Get off and stay onboard.”
Here, the hooks are sharp, and the ensemble playing is spacious and vibey - attributes which are
finely displayed on “Shake You” and “Eye On You.” “Shake You” is the razors edge between
love and obsession; the space that relentlessly reminds us that all is fair in love and war. “Eye On
You,” whose video premiered on Billboard, traverses a thick viscous stoner haze, and proto-metal riffage.

Catch LCS on their european tour in October 2019 with stops all over Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria, Croatia and Sweden.  More information on tour dates and to listen to their music go to

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