Three Custom Colors

Three Custom Color Make-Up Specialists

Managing Director, Scott Catto, and Creative Director, Chad Hayduk, have created Three Custom Color Specialists, a company that most women would find unique in more than one way.

With their “meant to be” mix of background experience within art and the cosmetic industry, Catto and Hayduk have created a custom make-up line for women.  Three Custom Color Specialists is a one-stop shop to find and create your very own color combinations in all kinds of make-up.

The idea started in New York, with the creators’ more than 30 years of combined experience.  Three Custom Color Specialists products are now available in over 12 countries, and can be found at exclusive boutiques, speciality stores, and spas throughout the United Nations, along with a team of highly experienced make-up artists and graphic designers.

Three Custom Color Specialists has been mentioned as a beauty mecca by magazines such as InStyle and Glamour and can be found online.

Many women would agree about how difficult it can be to search for and find the exact colors that match their skin tones, eyes, and lips. And many know the tragedy of running out of the perfect lipgloss only to discover that it is no longer produced. At Three Custom Color Specialists, those are no longer problems.

Three Custom Color Specialists has made life easier for women that take the art of make-up seriously.

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