Time for holidays

What is holidays?

In the Natural sense, a Holiday is a symbol, a sign of a transitional period, the end of one cycle and the beginning of another (the cycles of the Sun and the Moon). The basis of such holidays is the communication of man with the Living World and the Energy of Nature, the Force of Nature, the Elements. A person in this process is a kind, a child, Blessing his Parent (Energy, Universe, Nature, Sun, Moon, Elements, Ancestors of the type) through holiday rituals.

In this understanding, the Holiday is always a ritual, not religious, but deeply spiritual, associated with sincerity and openness, the unity of people with each other and with the World. The presence of Natural Festivals in the culture of nations reflects the high level of their spiritual knowledge and accurate understanding of the Source of growth and development opportunities.

In the social sense, the Holiday is a formal reason for the meeting, uniting, communicating, and sharing experience, emotions, information, and co-creation. All social holidays are artificial, but this does not cancel or diminish their significance and value if the content of such a Holiday corresponds to the essence and has a creative, positive influence.

Any Holiday, whether it is Natural or Social - in its correct form, is needed for enrichment with energy, rest, unity.

The situation in the modern World is such that almost all the traditions of Natural Festivals have been lost, they have been engaged in the church (mostly Christian) for 2,000 years to discredit and destroy it, associating these Holidays with the worship of evil and darkness, borrowing and copying some of them in their own "Calendar". For example, give two pairs of holidays. There is such an ancient calendar of holidays, called the "Wheel of the Year" (appeared a very long time before Christianity), and so, in it (among others) there are Holidays Yule and Ostara.

Yule is the Source of Christmas, and Ostara is Easter. If you are interested, look for information, check for yourself, especially pay attention to the symbolism, traditions, and meanings (metaphorical meaning) of the compared Holidays - everything will immediately become apparent, and these are not the only examples.

Social Holidays are also affected and controlled by destructive influence systems through monetization and their orientation towards consumption (things, food, alcohol, drugs, etc.). In modern Holidays, there is no conscious ritual; as a result, spirituality, so the Holidays of the present social World are energy soothers, and the Holiday that does not contain Energy in itself sucks Energy out of people.

I see the need to revive both the traditions of Natural Holidays, the pre-Christian Slavic peoples have these traditions very strong, and to return their essence to social Holidays through changing the content, through demonetization and getting rid of the orientation towards consumption.

Celebration in society should again become a spiritual ritual, once again you need to pay attention to what is not religious, namely, mental, aimed at knowledge, awareness, feeling, unity, communication, and creativity. In modern terms, the Holiday should always be some training.

An integral part of the theme of Holidays and spiritual rituals is the theme of Death and burial.

No matter how pathetic it may sound, but Death is precisely the Holiday. Dying is a natural process, also reflecting the Cyclical Nature of Life.

Our view is more complex than other types of Planet due to the presence of Consciousness. Consciousness, which contains in itself some part of the Energy of the Universe (Soul), does not stop its way and its own Life at the time of the Death of the human physical shell. Since Consciousness is one of the highest forms of technology, and we absolutely do not know the specifics of the Energy of the Universe, we can assume that the Death of the physical shell releases the Energy and allows it to go back to a particular Source ("Unified Energy Field of the Universe"), which is invisible and imperceptible for our gaze and is in the space of space. Having made the path "home", Energy (Soul) does not remain there forever, according to the same principle of the Cyclical Nature of Life as a form of organizing the existence of everything, Energy (Soul) will once again leave the Source, turn into the kind of Consciousness and still find itself in the human physical shell. Such an attitude towards Death reflects the triumph of the perfection of Nature and the actual infinity of Life.

The funeral in this case - serve as a form of organization of such a holiday. Yes, the pain of losing loved ones and loved ones, the feeling of loss, longing, and loneliness are natural reactions of the human psyche to Death, but when there is a deep spiritual understanding of this great process, then the acceptance of loss will become less painful and acute.

Now, the understanding of both Death and burial as a ritual is determined through religious dogmas, which not only revel in human pain and suffering, cultivate them, they also lift this pain to the rank of inalienable good, a particular symbol of absolute Divine power and human insignificance. And this is not all the mockery to which the church subjects the psyche of people who have suffered the loss of loved ones, the church exerts additional psychological pressure and manipulations through cemeteries, making them a kind of social institution, gloomy and overwhelming, a sort of illustrative example that once again emphasizes the slave and insignificant position man before God. Also, a society focused on consumption and money monetized the funeral and turned it into a big business, profiting from grief, pain, and suffering.

The meaning of the funeral is a spiritual farewell to a loved one, escorting it to the ancestors of the family, and now social reality has virtually deprived people of this opportunity, everything is so mechanically, bureaucratized and identified with business that relatives of the deceased are forced to think about where, when and what documents to take and to whom for what money to pay, than about their own experiences and farewell to the dead.

I believe that the funeral should be free and focused on native traditions. It means that there should be no cemeteries, the bodies of the dead should be given to Nature, returned to where the Energy (Soul) came from, that is, the Universe. For this body, it is necessary to bring the fire and dispel the dust either above the water or over the field (according to the wishes of the relatives). Because the spiritual and emotional connection of the living with the dead is in the Inner World and is in no way connected with the outer World (primarily cemeteries). If the family wants to acquire a particular external symbol in memory of a person, then it is better to plant a tree and give a new life through it than to cut down trees and make (dead) crosses from them.

In addition to ritual and spiritual significance, in the Modern World, funerals through imparting bodies to fire will also provide for the saving of land as a territory. The population of the Planet continues to increase, and the total number of the dead will always exceed the total amount of living, and if you continue to bury people in the traditional way for religions (that is, at cemeteries), then after a while living people will simply have nowhere to live and the World will turn into a giant graveyard.

Returning to the topic of holidays, I will say that our main Holiday is Life and how and with what we fill this Holiday depends only on us. Do we follow the natural cycles and traditions of our ancestors, create our own reasons for unity, meetings and communication, it is essential to realize that our sincere intentions must be at the heart of everything - sharing emotions and experiences with each other, is not just near, but together and then even the worst losses are experienced more easily. For us, no one will do as well, the new society needs a new Holiday Calendar, which would reflect everything new that humanity seeks, which is essential and valuable to it.

About the author

Melisa Marzett is a workaholic, but she enjoys holidays. She is currently working as a freelance writer for smartessayrewriter.com and cherishes every single moment of Life living like there is no future. She has many interests and tries to learn something new every day building on her life experience. She believes in past Life and reincarnation.

Smartessayrewriter.com and cherishes every single moment of Life living like there is no future. She has many interests and tries to learn something new every day building on her life experience. She believes in past Life and reincarnation.