Tobey Nelson Floral Design

Toby Nelson design

In our more spiritually aligned modern world, Tobey Nelson manages to connect people with mother nature, in the form of wearable succulent art.

With a degree in Horticulture from Michigan state university, taught in refined growth of plants for decoration, food and beauty, Tobey found her passion creating floral couture designs for weddings and events.

She believes humans benefit from connecting with nature and its beauty, and calls it the “Flower Power”.

Surely there must be a truth to the power of botanics, as it is already used in homeopathic products like herbal tea, organic medicine, and scientists has confirmed that bark from the japanese plant tree Ginkgo Biloba in pill form, has proven to be very efficient in helping with memory, over all daily energy, dementia, and makes the blood flow more easily in the brain, which has shown to improve ADHD symptoms in adults.

So why not take flowers to a higher level, and take a moment to appreciate the beauty in them?

Flowers are like a fresh breath of air to wear, to admire, and to appreciate.

Tobey makes them “ ready to wear “ by creating flowers to wear in earrings, cuffs, necklaces, and even couture fashion.

The design mainly contains succulent flowers, as they are categorical for being easy to maintain, and have a long lifespan, in comparison to most other larger flowers.

Occasional and delicate pieces of art, is something to value for any unique moment in time, if not to celebrate the very value of time, by wearing these refreshingly beautiful wearable items, reminding you to seek and appreciate every present moment.

A unique talent and true passion for nature and botanical art, these captivating pieces

are perfect for any celebrated occasions, so make sure to view all vibrant designs on: