Transforming paradigms

Promoting female talent

IPADE and General Motors, IBM, MetLife, SAP y Scotiabank transform paradigms for promoting female talent

Research indicates the increases in female presence at the sector level  compared to 2015 and 2018.

Mexico City, July 16, 2020. To identify and disclose the beliefs about the relationship between men and women in business, as well as establishing a benchmark for organizations to promote the promotion of female talent with an inclusive leadership vision, IPADE Business School, through its Research Center for Women in Senior Management (CIMAD), presented the research "Transforming paradigms, opening paths to talent", in which it gives an account of the impact of best organizational practices in relation to women and senior management within companies with operations in Mexico that are leaders in their sectors: General Motors, IBM, MetLife, SAP and Scotiabank.

In the presentation, Yvette Mucharraz, director of CIMAD, explained that, during the study process, which lasted more than three years, it was possible to identify paradigms in the workplace regarding female leadership, organizational culture, inclusion, traditional roles, intergenerational coexistence, among others.

"Common characteristics were identified among the companies, such as: the commitment of the Directorate-General and the management team in the construction of a culture focused on inclusion; companies include actions consistent with their values, in decision-making and the treatment of staff, with strategies applied to the development of talent; the creation of networks of women in which they exchange experiences and opinions, promotion strategies (sponsorship), coaching and mentoring; the use of anonymous resumes  that avoid bias in recruitment, among others".

The data show that the strategies and programs implemented by companies have been successful. In three years (2015-2018), the number of women increased at the levels in which they focused their efforts. The financial sector, for example, had an increase of 11 percentage points in female directors, while the technology and industry sector increased from 21.8% to 25.1% in female seedlings. In terms of equity, companies in the financial sector have 50% women and those in the technology and industry sector also advanced from 22.5% to 26.9%.

Regarding the relationship between women and men within companies, "We find that communication and the training of collaborators is essential to transform their paradigms regarding the unconscious biases that were formed through their life experiences. To have positive results, it is essential to communicate and promote a culture that is inclusive in favor of talent and focused on opportunities for all people, "said Eugenio Gómez, guest professor at IPADE 

In the panel, the representatives of each company shared their approaches regarding the inclusion of female talent and the integration of different generations in the the company, highlighting the value of each person.

"At General Motors, diversity is a priority because it enriches our culture, and even more important is inclusion to ensure that everyone lives in an environment of respect and equity. GM’s goal is to become the most inclusive company in the world. Regarding the gender pillar, we will continue to promote strategies for attracting and retaining female talent and contribute to its development to increase its presence in leadership positions, "said Mónica Hernández, director of Personnel and Organization of General Motors

"The diversity of talent in companies is a key driver for innovation, promoting an effective multi-generational integration in a work the environment is achieved through the eradication of prejudices and stereotypes, through openness, respect, and empathy. You have to think of a generation as a collective of shared and unique experiences, "said Judith Vila, director of Human Resources at IBM.

"Metlife’s current organizational culture is centered on a purpose: “ Always with you building a safer future”; this means always being close to our customers at different stages in their lives. But this purpose begins with our collaborators and ensures that everyone in the company puts it as the core of their actions, "said Carlos Chapman, VP of Metlife Human Resources.

Raquel Macias, director of Corporate Affairs at SAP Mexico, said "we are at a a critical moment that, as companies, requires reinventing ourselves and generating resilience. Today we have in our favor, technologies that facilitate these processes, that eliminate unconscious biases and that allow us to foster spaces of collaboration with diverse voices".

"Taking advantage of the unique contributions of each person and the diversity among collaborator is a competitive advantage driven through a culture of inclusion and is the conviction of the company," said Miguel Lozano, Deputy Director General for Human Resources, Scotiabank. ​

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