Welum presents "Growing Sustainable" book

Let ideas take root and grow your own Welum garden

Ideas can take root from many places. And at Welum, ideas have taken root in the form of a sustainable booklet. Welum presents a ground-breaking publication, titled Growing Sustainable. The 30 cm x 30 cm booklet includes 14 articles that play with shape and texture. The exclusive articles come from across the globe and focus on sustainable fashion and living, creativity, and conscious thinking. The pages are made from seed paper, a blend of ecological paper and seeds from different plants. Once you are done reading the booklet, plant the pages in soil and follow the simple instructions illustrated on the front page by Danish illustrator, Sara Bøgh, and watch your garden grow.

The handmade paper is made at Frogmore Paper Mill (http://www.frogmoremill.com), the oldest mechanised paper mill in the world, which is owned by The Paper Trail—a foundation dedicated to keeping the historical mill running. The mill is in the southern suburb of Hermel Hempstead in Hertfordshire, United Kingdom. School trips and public tours are arranged on a daily basis.

Frogmore Paper Mill’s history and sustainable approach to returning paper to nature matches Welum’s spirit and supports the theme, “Growing Sustainable”. The booklet itself supports this shared sustainable conscious thinking.

When the QR code in the booklet is scanned, the reader gains online access to the written articles at welum.com. Aside from the articles, Welum also offers a free subscription and free download of the e-book. Welum aims to spread and support sustainability through innovative media – “Welum wants to share and care”, according to founder Brit Kongstad.

This is the sixth publication in Welum’s biannual book series.

The physical book can be bought in our online Welum store here.

As previously stated, if you subscribe to the Welum website,  you will be able to download the e-book for free. Subscribe here.

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