Wendy Starland, a modern Da Vinci

A multi talented artist

Wendy Starland is a uniquely talented artist who leaves her footprint in all areas of the artistic world.

I met Starland through a mutual friend in 2016. I was impressed by how warm, genuine, and humble she was. Around her house hang impressively large paintings reminiscent of the Roman Empire. Some of these paintings resemble great historical works of art and are wrapped in golden frames; however, all of these were painted by Starland in her earlier years. 

Starland’s artistic passion first awoke in music. She was pulled on stage by James Brown’s saxophone player, Marco Parker, during a concert to scat. When she was done, the bass player got down on one knee, took a string from his guitar, and wrapped it around her ring finger. While hushing the crowd, he said into the microphone, "Wendy you have a gift from God.”

In that moment, Starland decided to switch her focus from painting to music. She has been named Best Emerging Artist by VH1 and was honored by the Hall of Fame. She discovered and developed Lady Gaga, and the two have written songs together.

Starland has opened for major artists such as Sheryl Crow, Wu Tang, and Moby, among others.

Starland is now founder and CEO of Give Back Entertainment, a philanthropic marketing platform with worldwide distribution through Universal/INgrooves. She is featured in the French television show, “Le Angles/The Angels,” where internationally acknowledged artists come to Los Angeles and turn to Wendy’s production company for help in taking their careers to the top.

Starland is also a spokesperson for the organic skincare line, Beauty Society. The line truly makes a difference by running charities to preserve rainforests and help animals. A percentage of every purchase goes to planting new trees and other organic charities. Their products are used by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Heidi Klum, among many others. The products are cruelty free; not tested on animals; and are gluten, parabem, and sulfate free.

Lately, Starland has been working on a tech communication app that helps businesses and has been funded for full development. It is set to be launched soon, so please keep eyes and ears out for any updates on what Starland has to offer the world, with her motivation for making the world a happier place.

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