Women who are changing the world

Celebrating women who are changing the world

NowThis and Vital Voices partnered to bring you NowThis NEXT, a one-day virtual event celebrating women who are changing the world right now. From Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Banks to Stacey Abrams, today’s leaders are setting the stage for tomorrow’s changemakers. For decades, Vital Voices has identified, invested in, and uplifted women leaders, and now it’s a moment to pass the torch to who’s next. Together we are honoring those fearless women who are breaking down barriers and igniting change. This is where passion meets purpose, where hope sparks action.

NowThis NEXT, in partnership with Vital Voices, took place on Sunday, October 18th at 12 PM ET via www.nowthisnews.com/next and across the outlet’s social media channels, with P&G serving as the event’s presenting sponsor. Additional lead partners include Bank of America, Olay, Dawn, Swiffer, Pantene, My Black Is Beautiful, Aussie, Hair Biology and more.

Today NowThis, the no.1 most-watched mobile news brand globally [Tubular Labs, June 2020], announced “NowThis NEXT,” its first ever event franchise, with hosts Late Night’s Seth Meyers and Netflix CMO Bozoma Saint John. The program of the event included legacy changemakers, celebrities, and thought leaders amplifying the voices of inspiring up-and-coming women leaders who are part of the Vital Voices network and transforming communities in the United States and around the world.

Hillary Clinton, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, and social justice advocate Jamira Burley talked on the importance of activism and sparking change.Clinton mentioned that young people are the hope, that we need more young people who recognize their power,  make a difference voting because It is important to have activists, change is hard but each of us plays a part.

Joy Buolamwini, computer scientist, poet, and digital activist, said that there is a racial gap in technology, and we need to change the system, shifting status quote, we have a voice, and we have a choice.  No label is worthy of our beauty.


Featuring Luria Freeman, Ariana Abramson, and Shavone Charles. They remarked that we need more Black women in STEM because it gives a diverse perspective; women have been underestimated, there are Biases for example in the recruitment of software engineers, only hire men, the technology is very sexist,  we cannot be what wed cannot see, so it is imperative to normalize diversity in workplaces.

A very impactful panel was DON’T WAIT FOR AN INVITATION TO LEAD, featuring Maite Perroni with Suam Fonseca and Mayki Graff of Dolls Clan, Honduras' first group of feminist graffiti artists. The Honduran women pointed out that gender violence in Honduras does not stop, a murdered woman dies every 16 hours, femicides are very violent, Honduras is one of the most violent countries in Latin America. They do graffiti on the walls of the streets, they leave a message to stir something in the citizens, and for women, they leave a message of representation through their graffiti.

Another great conversation was THE POWER OF MENTORSHIP, Featuring Alyse Nelson with Rena De Sisto, Xiomara Diaz and Sbusisiwe Myeni and Akanksha Hazari Ericson, Vital Voices celebrated ten years of partnering with Bank of America to invest in the advancement of women entrepreneurs around the world. We discovered the power of mentorship to transform communities.

All panels, performances, and other activities of the event were excellent and finally, Alyse Nelson CEO of Vital Voices was very vocal, she concluded by saying that, the leaders that shared their stories in the event don`t wait for an invitation to lead, they choose to use their power to start creating the changes they want to see in the world, passion, vision, perseverance are keys of their success.  The next decade will be pivotal for the future of our planet, so she invited us to stand up and speak up for new ideas and brave solutions, it is not about credentials or titles is about choosing what to do, what you can, where you are and with what you have.

This video of P&G was shared during NowThis NEXT and it reflects the essence of the event promoting gender equality.


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