Women's Day - 8th March

History, facts, and how to celebrate

International Women's Day is coming! Very soon, women will glow with happiness and men will wrestle with choosing a surprise and a way to celebrate. We learned all about International Women's Day and even found out who loves it more than the fair sex. This article is full of surprises and inspirational ideas. We will reveal all the secrets!

Who came up with March 8: popular and unusual versions?

The emergence of the beloved holiday is due to politician and activist who fought for the rights of women - Clara Zetkin. In 1910, there was a suffragist forum in Copenhagen, where Clara met with the American socialists and Rosa Luxemburg and spoke about the role of women in the revolutionary struggle. The question was about the need to choose the day on which the people would draw public attention to their problems and difficulties in the battle for economic and social equality, arranging all kinds of marches and rallies. For a while, there was a stir with dates, and until 1914, they celebrated the festival on other March days.

Then women got the right to vote and gender equality came. The holiday from demonstrations and processions turned into a honeymoon phase. When this happened, and who first presented the woman with a bouquet of tulips and a set of shower products, the history books left out. Everyone knows about the version we described. Let us move on to hypotheses that are more mysterious.

  • Textile version. In the spring of 1857, employees of one of the textile factories in New York marched through Manhattan in a "march of empty pans." They demanded higher wages and better working conditions. After 50 years, women again protested on the streets of this city, wanting to get the right to vote in elections. In 1909, the demonstrations repeated.
  • European option. For the first time in some European countries, they celebrated the holiday on March 19, 1911. A few more years, the dates "floated" and the list of celebrating states changed.
  • Communication with the Judean Queen. Some historians attribute to Clara Zetkin a desire to link International Women's Day with the Feast of Lots. When King Xerxes wanted to exterminate the Jewish people, Queen Esther, through her charms, dissuaded him from this idea. Since then, people praised her as a protector. The date of the holiday is sliding, and in 1910 it fell on March 8th.
  • Theory of choosing a date. Rumor has it that Rosa Luxemburg and Clara Zetkin chose this particular number because the number “8” more than the others resembles the outlines of the female body. And there is also a version that they did not communicate with each other for a long time and made up on that very day.
  • The theory of the universal conspiracy. Men from generation to generation pass on the legend that the devil himself created this holiday. And sellers of flowers and gifts persuaded him.

The main thing is the current value of the holiday. Now, March 8 is another reason to compliment a beautiful lady, admire their achievements, and show attention. Girls, take what men are doing on this day as a sign of sincere intentions. They know that you can open the door in front of you or bring a folder with documents. Women's self-sufficiency sometimes disarms.

The tradition of celebrating around the world

Forty years ago, the UN General Assembly called on countries to declare any date, by their customs and traditions, the Day of Struggle for Women's Rights. We have learned how March 8 is celebrated in different states and share this information with you.

  • Germany and France. The Germans and the French do not favor this holiday and do not arrange a day off. Women decided to congratulate on Mother's Day, which is in May, and young girls - on Valentine's Day. On the first Sunday of spring, the French celebrate National Grandmothers Day.
  • Poland. Though without a day off, but with congratulations. The Poles buy women spring flowers.
  • Italy. Italians on this day show their independence, not letting men into women's companies. The entrance is opened unless at the end of the festivities so that the boys can pay the bill of the magnificent banquet. Ladies spend time in cafes, bars, and sometimes attend men's strip clubs, using the right of free entry.
  • Greece. In Greece, women's day is celebrated not in March, but in January. The "Babos" holiday gives women temporary power and honor. In the villages and cities are all sorts of festivals. Household efforts are on the shoulders of representatives of the stronger sex, and if they are noticed idly wandering around the streets, they will pour cold water on them. In the evening, Greek women do not take men with them to the bars, nightclubs, and cafes on principle.

Only the heroes of the occasion are exempt from work on this day. For men, the holiday turns into culinary torture. They need to choose a pumpkin, cut a Phoenix bird out of it and fill this magnificence with spicy pork, roasted vegetables, grapes, slices of watermelon and shrimps.

Noisy celebrations with feasts begin in the day and do not subside until late at night. They arrange various exhibitions and concerts are arranged, and the Cubans receive orders from the hands of government officials for success in their work.

We believe that Slavic men are for the most part real good fellows. They buy the most beautiful flowers, arrange the most touching evenings and choose gifts most carefully.

Interesting facts about International Women's Day

We conducted a small investigation and found a selection of points about the upcoming holiday. That is what seemed to us interesting:

  • Until 1966, women did not accept presents for International Women's Day. The families just made modest feasts. The only exception was the tradition to congratulate teachers and mothers, which originated in the 1950s.
  • The most popular flowers on this day are tulips. However, lately, beautiful potted plants are increasingly being presented.
  • The holiday is celebrated in 32 countries.
  • About 25% of strong men annually brazenly forget to congratulate their wives.
  • Women's holiday were first celebrated in ancient Rome. Ladies of the heart received gifts, and slaves - a day off.
  • You can often hear jokes that waiters and flower sellers are more excited about International Women's Day than women themselves are. Of course, the prices of mimosa, roses, and tulips increase several times, and in restaurants, the staff expects generous tips, but sincere gratitude and joy block it all in the eyes of a beloved woman or mother.

Original ideas for a fun holiday

On this day, girls want to feel like queens and not only get beautiful flowers and cute gifts, but also celebrate formally. We will share with you ideas that will help to make Women's Day unforgettable.

You can arrange a ride in a limousine with champagne, go to a men's striptease or a nightclub, plan a marathon of women’s films, or indulge in all-consuming shopping. Whatever you choose, have fun and forget about the problems.

  • Day of love for yourself. If you are tired of noisy companies and want to relax a bit, dedicate a day to spa rituals. Jacuzzi, massage, sauna, chocolate wrap - there are many civil procedures. You can go to a beautician and sign up for a manicure.
  • Travel. Spontaneously collect everything you need and wave to the cottage, to visit a friend who lives in a neighboring area or another country. Changing the situation will do you right.
  • Office party. Those who love their colleagues and work, you need to arrange a corporate event. The secret to the success of the event is in the classroom and skillfully selected venue. You can make the evening themed and come in unusual costumes. In general, do not hold back the fantasy.
  • Enter one's second childhood. Sometimes you want to return to the happy time when the only problem was that the villain John (substitute the name of your abuser) pulled your pigtails. Well, okay, buy sweets, watch cartoons all evening, play computer games, and stuff yourself with ice cream.
  • Family evening. What could be better than an evening in the circle of women of your family? In a warm atmosphere, you can hear many interesting stories about your mother and grandmother's youth. At such moments, you discover new dimensions about people. I want time to stop, so dear to us are our loved ones.
  • Play fast and loose. Why? Stay stronger sex today. Play poker and billiards. Skip a few cups of whiskey, smoke a cigar, watch boxing and football. Oh, not everyone will like this.
  • Home party. Put on an evening dress and invite guests. Let everything be beautiful and solemn, as in the best films.
  • Dreams and plans. Better to understand yourself, determine the direction of movement and set goals to help ideas. Stock up on drawing paper, scissors and a bunch of glossy magazines. Create a collage of your desires. It is especially pleasant to do this in a circle of friends over a glass of champagne or wine.
  • Rely on him. You can leave the planning to the man and see what he offers. Suddenly your man carefully planned the most relaxed event for a week. We need to trust him!

It is best to expect nothing from this day and take all its pleasant surprises. Allow yourself to be feminine and weak on this day. Feel the care of others. By the way, there are 24 hours a day, which makes it possible to use several ideas at once for the celebration.


Women are amazing! They manage to be equal with men while maintaining tenderness, beauty, and lightness. Maybe essential office leaders and loving moms at home. Doing sports and preparing such sweets that will make you long for more. And, this trick, come to work at 8 am and always look great, in general, is fantastic! They also have to smile to melt a man's heart. May the Women's Day bring you the warmest emotions, sincere words, and love so much that it would be enough for the whole world.

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