Yoga Design Lab Crafts Peek-a-Boo Pants

Revolutionary laser-cut yoga pants stretch and are full of style.
Moondancer peek-a-boo cut outs reveal leggings and allow them to breathe

Yoga Design Lab has become famous world-wide for their yoga mats and yoga towels that blend fashion-forward design elements and innovative functionality with bio-renewable consciousness.(Their mats are made from biodegradable natural tree rubber and are printed with water-based inks.) But just last month, Yoga Design Lab released a new line of products: leggings with laser-cut outs.

Yoga Design Lab founder Chad Turner said, "The goal was to design premium quality leggings so lovable and attention-grabbing you might question ever taking them off". They wanted to make "active luxury made for every movement and moment".

Yoga Design Lab spent two years developing their peek-a-boo leggings in three initial designs and they sent a pair to us here at Welum to try. I asked Francesca Annenberg, South Africa-based Yoga Design Lab Marketing Manager, what makes the leggings technologically advanced. She said, "The leggings combine a unique sueded plush interior finish for extra comfort, with moisture wicking and compression". These are combined with the form-fitting fabric and laser cut patterns. "We believe this is something never seen before in athletic wear," she said. 

And she's right on the soft interior and the comfort. The Moondancer leggings they sent us are super soft on the inside and remind us of a chamois cloth that would absorb moisture quickly. The exterior of the legging is smoother and sleeker, and the peek-a-boo cut-outs create a unique ventilation system that would be perfect for hot yoga class. 

The initial designs for the pants only come in black with the rise from crotch to waist approximately 20.32 cm on a size medium. The pants were comfortable to wear while working out and they are fashionable enough to wear under tunic tops as leggings. The one part we wish Yoga Design Lab would consider redesigning is the waist band as it bunched and folded over throughout the day. Annenberg assured us that they are working on that, and that higher rise and waisted designs are in the works.

Though company founder Chad Turner got the inspiration for Yoga Design Lab while in a yoga class in Bali and started the company there, including making the mats and towels in Bali,  he currently resides in South Africa. All Yoga Design Lab products can be ordered on their website and they ship to the U.S. and Canada, throughout Europe, to Australia and Japan. Their pants are shipped worldwide through an affiliate program with Amazon.  



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