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Born in Buenos Aires City, studied Social Communication and graduated from Fashion Communication. Cinthia has been in love with writing since she was an adolescent. Takes a particular interest in informing about the local scene and to show fashion as a unique form of expression that has a deep connection with many facets of our lives.

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Time for definitions with Susana Saulquin

Susana Saulquin sheds light on some confusing terms and the future

Joining forces for the future

Adriana Marina leads a NGO and a company to change sustainable fashion’s face.

Picture Perfect

Introducing Argentinean photographers Luciana Val and Franco Musso.

Decay Time

Argentine Marcelo Giacobbe presented his collection at Designers BA.

The Only Queen Dressed by Dior

Eva Perón remains a national fashion Icon seventy years later.

Mate & Co., More than a Delicious Sip

Everything about a traditional beverage and a revolutionary brand behind it.

Sónar, an inclusive insight

An Argentinean clothing brand thought for everyone.

Houdini’s Trick: Adventure Without Impact

A sportswear brand of clothes to wear with a clear conscience

The Mix of Past and Present is Sublime

Cecilia Gadea creates a perfect mix between past and present of clothing design.

Applying 3D Printing to Fashion Design

We discussed the potential of 3D printers with Irene Presti

Explore the Power of Natural Crystals

the energy universe has fashionable applications

A guide to Buenos Aires’ museums

Where to go in order to get steeped in local culture and history.

Make your choice

A brief review of the Argentinean fashion scene.

Identity and Consciousness: Abre Indumento

Luz Arpajou and María Laura Leiva are promising talents from Neuquén

How to do ecotourism in Argentina

A small take on the growing activity on a vast country.

QMILK, a new generation in fabrics

An innovative German undertaking makes clothing out of milk.

Sustainable and Attractive Vintage Fashion

When garments from the past regain importance

Dacal: to reuse and give new meaning

Florencia and Lola Dacal run a sustainable undertaking in Buenos Aires.

The textile of the future: Piñatex

Dr. Carmen Hijosa founded Ananas Anam and developed a sustainable textile.

Reviving the past at La Percalina

We visited one of the loveliest vintage fashion stores in Buenos Aires City.

Paula Gray Leads a Conscious Lifestyle

Presenting the Argentinean fashion designer and consultant

The eye travels with FoLa

We explore the gallery dedicated to contemporary Latin American photography.

Beyond Our Dreams

Estados de conciencia, photographer Gaby Herbstein’s latest exhibit.

See the Big Picture at Green Film Fest

Introducing the Buenos Aires edition of the environmental conscious festival.

Zöld, the Geometry of Nature

Introducing an undertaking that brings green colour to our environment.

Traditional Craftsmanship, A Magic Spell

How Roxana Amarilla defines Argentinean traditional craftsmanship

Gen deals with natural beauty

We explore one of the few natural cosmetics brands of Argentina.

Valeria Nicali is In Touch with Culture

accessories designer Valeria Nicali has a story to tell

Size matters!

A 3D body scanner may help the Argentineans to be “confidently beautiful”.

"Future begins with conscious consumers"

A conversation with Susana Saulquin, an Argentinean fashion sociologist.

Museums became fashionable

Fashion has taken over cultural spaces in Buenos Aires as well as worldwide.

The Extraordinary of Ordinary Life

A contemporary jewelery show teaches us to keep an eye out for the unexpected

A Multicoloured Philosophy

Mariana Pussacq dyes fabrics naturally for her undertaking, Casa Almacén.

A Walk Through History

The National Museum of Costume History has reopened its doors in Buenos Aires.

Renovation at Buenos Aires Fashion Week

Take a glance at Pasarela BA, a runway dedicated to young talents.

The Latin American Thread

Agustín Yarde Buller and Martín Boerr go deep into the region’s identity.

Fashion, One Click Away

All about e-commerce in Buenos Aires.

Rock & Roll & Fashion

Andrea Urquizu, the designer that brings music, minimalism and clothes together.

One of a Kind

Vero Alfie balances craftsmanship and serial production perfectly.

A Window to the World

The importance of Buenos Aires Fashion Week.

Getting dressed, the Argentinean way

We thoroughly analyzed local women’s style.

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