Gallery Room

Dogs Sculptures - Nirit Levav Packer

Nirit Levav Packer is a multidisciplinary artist that mostly uses recycled metals in her art. Her artwork includes a series of pregnant women ("From Within") - sculptures mostly made of car and motorcycle parts and tree branches, a dog sculptures series made of bicycle parts ("Unchained"), dresses series, dogs of various materials, and a series of ceramic vases. Nirit also has a commercial line ("Unchained Junior") which the main material that was used is bicycle chains. This line includes a wide range of animals, bicycles shaped sculptures, Judaica, and more. In addition, she designs lighting fixtures, jewelry, furniture and functional pottery.

Nirit's works are displayed at her gallery, located in Jaffa flea market. The location is an ancient building that historically was used as stables of Khan Manuli, and covers an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 400 square meters.