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Sustainably Cork Bowls by Jacob Marks

More and more designers are using durable, water-resistant cork in their products, from flooring to furniture and accessories. For the lead designer at Skram Furniture, Jacob Marks, using ultra high density cork is a natural fit for the brand. The material not only reinforces Marks’ approach to sustainable design and minimizing the harmful aspects of manufacturing on the environment, but also performs differently than wood during the design stage of production.
“As a designer, material typically comes after form. I want my designs to stand alone, without consideration of material as much as possible. Material exists to complete the story, not to steal the show in our case. But cork is a bit different, in that it has performance attributes and limitations that do need to be considered from an early stage relative to form and structure,” explains Marks.
With a deep interpretation of sustainability and an organic embrace of natural imperfections, Marks designed a line of accessories devoted entirely to the material — Corkbox and Corkbowl — as well as the versatile Corkdrop stool/side table. He’s also working on a new product for the New Year - I’d love to share details with you!

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