The Team behind the making of "Afterlife"

Designed by Ann Wiberg

Directed by Christina Amudsen

Photographed by Christian Houge Laursen

Edited by Sara Bøgh

Welum Manager of Special Projects Pily Ottesen

Production Designer Cecilie Anita Clausen

Cecilie Anita Clausen - Production & set designer

I have a master’s degree in Production Design from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. I love to create visual emotions through film and graphic design. 

In the short film “Afterlife” I created the set and the props with my assistent Sofia Lotz Samuelsen. The high tomb was build out of moss, with a solid layer of pallets beneath. The stretcher was build out of wood and the top covered with branches and leaves. The keywords of the design was "nature and celebration of life". It was a very exiting project to be a part of, and I really like the outcome. 

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 Phone: +45 263699961


Still photos by Dennis Morton

Makeup by Pernille Rud Hansen


Actress/Model Angelina Amanda Kjær

Angelina Amanda Kjær - Actress and Model

Actress:  "Når vi ses igen" by William Høeg

Model: Illum Fashion Show, September 2016 

Model: Illum Fashion Show, March 2017

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Phone: +45 25 30 96 12


Actress/Model Iris Thomsen

Iris Thomsen - Actress and Model

Iris Thomsen's professional career began at the age of 13 as a dancer. She has performed in music videos, on television, for events and scenes around the world. She was educated as an actress at The Esper Studio in 2016, and now works as a freelance actress in Copenhagen.

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Actress/Model Louise Rude Christensen

Louise Rude Christensen - Freelance Actress and Model

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Actress/Model Rosemarie Mosbæk

Welum Cooperation Manager Brit Kongstad